Arden is a photography artist based in Amsterdam and specialized in aerial photos, architecture, colorful patterns, and reflections.

 His work has been published by media, and museums such as the BBC, EuroNews, Louvre Museum, Travel + Leisure, and Conde Nast Traveller and has been featured on the largest travel and photography social media accounts worldwide. With more than 370.000 people following him on Instagram, he inspires people who are enthusiastic about photography, travel, and art on a daily basis.

 Arden has been fascinated by photography for many years, but only after his trip to Namibia in 2017, did he decide to buy a professional camera that enables him to capture the beauty of the world passionately. He explains the secret of this work; ‘’I have a computer science background that helps me to look at my surroundings analytically and I use small details to always have unique perspectives.’’

 Thanks to the success of his art in social media, he also had the chance to work with the largest brands in the world like Tesla, Google, Meta, Sony, Adobe, and more and he was the local content creator of the city of Amsterdam for UEFA Euro 2020 sponsored by Volkswagen.

 Arden Art Gallery is his most recent and biggest initiative that allows his artwork not only to remain digitally but also to decorate and add life to any space. All the photographs in this gallery are in limited numbers, signed and certified that can not be duplicated or copied.

More information can be found on Arden's personal website