Museum Quality Print

A superb HD reproduction on real photo paper combined with an elegant minimalist design. Limited edition varies between 30 - 5000 per photo. It comes signed, with its unique number, and stamped with the certificate of authenticity issued by Arden Art Gallery.


Matte Metal Print

Your image is meticulously printed directly onto 3 mm Aluminium metal with a matte finish, highlighting every nuance. The Matte metal print mostly focuses on the texture of the pictures.

Premium Glossy Metal Print

A premium luxury finish on the metal plate. The production has two phases. In the first phase, the image is directly printed on 4 mm Aluminium metal with UV. In the second phase, it is enhanced with 2 layers of liquid gloss to obtain a luminous and shiny effect.

Are you interested in exploring additional material choices?

Within our gallery, we offer two alternative material options for your consideration.

The first is the Acrylic Glass Print . This process involves mounting the image under acrylic glass over the metal print, intensifying the vibrancy of colors adding a heightened sense of depth to the artwork.

Our second offering is the Brushed Metal Print : a premium elegant finish for metal prints. Your image is expertly printed onto brushed metal, which imparts a distinctive metallic and golden sheen. As an observer shifts position in front of the print, the reflections of light gracefully adjust to follow their movement, creating an engaging visual experience.